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Author and photographer Ronald Bagliere

You have spent weeks, months, maybe years writing, polishing and repolishing your manuscript and now you need another set of eyes because frankly, you are having a hard time seeing the forest through the trees. This is where an experienced editor who is sensitive to your vision would be a benefit. They can look at your work with an unbiased eye. An editor will give you an honest assessment and not snow you with platitudes or a five star review, because chances are - if you're seeking him/her out,  it's because you have some concerns about your manuscript.

So what is Creative Editing?

Creative Editing reviews your work holistically for structure, plot, characterization and overall readability, which is all documented in a detailed report to the author with the editor's impressions and suggestions to elevate the written word to the next level. If you want your written work to be polished for the reader you need an editor!

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