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The Lion of Khum Jung


Sarah Madden lost her husband twenty-five years ago to Mt. Everest, and vowed she'd never speak its name again, let alone go there. The mountain that claimed her husband is now in her son's blood and it will not let go. This time, she will not remain at home while her son climbs the killer peak. If the mountain is going to claim him, it will have to do it staring her in the face.

Frank Kincaid's reputation as the finest Everest expedition guide for the last twenty years has been the means for supporting his treasured charity work in Khum Jung. Adhering to uncompromising methods, he has never lost a client on the mountain. But this group of expedition clients has a reminder of the past. Suddenly he is confronted with the memory of the disaster that took his friend, Sherpa Pasang when it claimed the life of Sarah's husband. As history threatens to repeat itself, Frank is put to the supreme test. Will he obey his cardinal rule of protecting his Sherpa guide at all costs even if it means sacrificing Sarah's son to the mountain, or will he trust his heart and roll the dice? Can Sarah accept the excruciating decision facing him? And what will it mean for the Sherpa and her son fighting for their lives on the mountain? Will the mountain demand Sarah's son, or will it forgive his mistakes?


"Gets the reader instantly immersed in the challenges and dangers of climbing Everest, and the risks Sherpas take on a daily basis in shepherding their clients to the summit. Bagliere's own love of adventure and mountaineering gives this story an authentic, you-are-there feeling, and I was swiftly hooked into the decades-old fascination with Everest once again. Bagliere's plot is engaging, and his mountaineering scenes awesome. THE LION OF KHUM JUNG is most highly recommended." - Reader's Favorite

"...a well researched and thoughtful story of adventure and love set in the venue of the Himalayas" - K. Barton

"This is a story that won’t disappoint." - J. Bourgo

"A must read that I found hard to put down." - M. Vallerino

"An adventure story, a romance - this book has it all." - D. St. Como

"The author writes with sensitive insight and gives the story a universal meaning for us all." - J. Stuelzle

"...a spellbinding read." - B. Bell

"I'm glad I read it, and it will be a book that I'll recommend to others." - M. Rossi

A Reader's Favorite Five-Star Reviewed Book

Loving Neil


While back east attending her brother's wedding, freelance Photographer, Janet Montgomery finds herself once again fruitlessly vying for her father's love. After an awkward good-bye, she drives into the wintry night back to her hotel. But a tractor-trailer coming onto the highway is about to change all that.

Spotting her car in the snowy median is Architect, Neil Porter, a middle-aged widower. When Neil moves to Oregon to be near h is daughter, Megan, who works with Janet, a chain of events draw them together. Janet wonders if the twenty-three years between them is too much. Can she avoid making the same mistakes her parents made? But the one thing she never considers is the ravages of dementia or the decisions she will have to make.

Reviews for LOVING NEIL:

"A beautifully, poignant tale that makes this a must read" - J. Bourgo

"...a powerful story and one that is written with great tenderness and sensitivity" - B. Bell

"A winner of a debut that will tug at your heartstrings until the very last page." - Kari Lee Townsend, National Bestselling Author of The Fortune Teller Mysteries

"...prepare for an emotional ride through a deeply moving romance." - Danica St. Como, Author of The Men of Sanctuary series and Blade Dance

"If you're looking for a good dramatic read, I'd recommend this book." - Laurie B. (Amazon Verified Purchase)

"...a poignant and bittersweet story of a family's loss" - Angela Purcell-Bolha (Amazon Verified Purchase)

Beyond the Veil


Anthropologist, Claire El-Badawy has spent the last ten years of her life fruitlessly applying for grants for an expedition into the dark jungles of the Amazon. Her objective is to prove her theory of the Trans-Atlantic connection between Africa and South America that existed five thousand years ago. Then suddenly things change dramatically overnight with the discovery of a Lost Bushman found deep in the forest. Re-energized and armed with this startling find, she wins over the foundation's funding arm and the support of the university's department.

Owen Macleod's life has been one long trek after another guiding tourist and giving aid to the indigenous people of the forest against the mining companies since his son died needlessly of malaria ten years ago. With his wife having left him and parents deceased, his only family now is the vibrant people along the river along with his tramping partner, Manny. When Owen hears of an opportunity up north in America to break free of the tourist trade, he jumps at it.

In a chain of events, the headstrong anthropologist and the wanderlust tramping guide are thrown together in pursuit of their own dreams, but neither of them are quite prepared for what they will find hidden beyond the veiled depths of the forest or do they see the danger coming at them from a rampaging lieutenant of a ruthless cartel that is expanding its empire into the vibrant and awesome world of the Amazon.

Reviews for BEYOND THE VEIL:

"You must read it! Don't let this author get past you." - Reviewer for Beyond the Veil

Starting Over


Janet Porter's life in the wooded Heights within the Willamette Valley in Oregon has finally begun to settle down. She has made her peace with moving on without her beloved husband Neil, but everything is about to change. Her son Nate calls from Iraq with unsettling news. He doesn't say what happened, only that he's coming back on a medical discharge.

He arrives home with a battered leg, and is cast as a hero in a firefight from an enemy ambush. But he doesn't want the accolades or the Distinguished Service Medal he's being touted for. He wants to be left alone. As he becomes more and more distant from his mother and falling into risky behavior, she fears for his well-being. Desperate, she confides to a volunteers at the V.A. clinic.

But the Vietnam veteran has his own battles to overcome, namely a civil trial that threatens to wipe him out financially. Even so, he is drawn to Janet's son and he soon finds himself entangled in their lives. As his feelings for them deepen, he finds himself in an ethical dilemma. As he struggles to do the right thing while fighting for his financial survival, life intervenes and throws them all into a new world – a world of starting over.