Coming in 2020 - The Himalayan

Currently I'm nearing the end of my first draft on the second book in the "Hearts of Nepal" series that's going to be called "The Himalayan".  No cover art yet - perhaps people would like to weigh in on it when the time comes.

I'm very excited about this novel as it takes off from Frank and Sarah's story from "The Lion of Khumjung"  and in this novel we will learn so much more about them while at the same time seeing another part of Nepal and its people. Stay tuned here to hear further developments as I get closer to submitting to my publisher. 

And I welcome your questions should you have any. Simply go to my blog and post them on any of my weekly entries. I check my blog regularly.

On my way to you



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John Patterson has always been a loner.

At age 20, he left behind his home in Oak Creek, Colorado for the adventure and isolation of the Himalayas. After years spent building his reputation in the climbing circuit, his heroic rescue of an inexperienced climber on Everest resulted in the loss of his leg. John’s struggles mount as he adapts to life as an amputee and, despite his sacrifice, is betrayed by the company he’s given half of his life to.  

With few friends and being disconnected from his family back in the States, John’s still a loner, now sidelined to the Annapurna Circuit until he can prove himself and reclaim his place on Everest. But when a family crisis calls him home to Colorado, a discovery threatens to unravel everything he’s believed about a father he never knew.

John returns to Nepal teetering on the edge, a solitary man against the world fearful of losing the one thing that means the most to him: his life-long career.


Michelle Bonheur still blames herself for the car accident that killed her husband Adam two years ago.

Since Adam’s death, Michelle’s life in Ontario, Canada has been career-focused...

…and lonely.

Her dedication to a construction firm in Cornwall has put her next in line for partner, while her day-to-day life is punctuated by the few bright moments she spends with her best friend – her husband’s sister, Cam Legault.

When Cam convinces her that the two of them should fulfill Adam’s dream of hiking the Himalayas, Michelle is apprehensive. Conflicted about her life’s direction and feeling family pressure to uproot herself to Ottawa and care for her aging father, Michelle decides to set her reservations and reality aside to take the trip of a lifetime.


As John and Michelle’s paths converge in Nepal, they navigate the winding mountain trails together and discover they’re not alone in their grief, the guilt they carry, or their attraction to each other.

On the morning of October 13, 2014, no one sees the life-threatening chain of weather events coming that will wreak havoc on the Annapurna circuit until it’s too late. Facing catastrophic conditions, the two wounded souls find themselves in peril as Michelle makes a decision…

…one that will change both of their lives.

Reviews for: On My Way to You

    "In  the first part of this book this author knits together his characters  so carefully and thoroughly that you start to see them as actual people.  You hear their thoughts and start to feel their emotions as Mr.  Bagliere then takes you on a journey that will keep you on the edge of  your seat for the remainder of the book. I did take a couple of short  breaks in my reading at the first part of the book, but reached the  point where I couldn’t put it down until I finished it.  I highly  recommend this book and I hope that you will enjoy reading it as much as  I did!" - Amazon customer

    "Hard  to put down. Engaging, realistic characters. Vivid description makes it  easy to imagine the setting and the action. Well worth the time." - Amazon customer

     "An  adventure story that doesn't stop with great characterization but takes  the reader into the geography and customs of the Himalayas and its  people. This is created not only because of great research but because  the Author has visited the Himalayas more than once and the base camp of  Everest. His personal experience adds to the interest and intrigue of  this story and reveals his love and respect for this country and the  people that inhabit it. His main character, John Patterson is a man's  man who finds himself struggling for his place on the mountain. His  rough edge is the opposite to the personality he finds in the character  of Michelle Bonheur. Although opposites, they discover common ground in  their mutual grief and their shared love of the outdoors and hiking.  This is not the first book I have read from this Author and I am a fan.  His book, The Lion of Khum Jung, also took place in Nepal. I'm excited  to see that On My Way to you is Book 1 of a series, Hearts of Nepal.  I  recommend this read and I look forward to the next book."  - J.V.Robbins

        "If  you enjoyed The Lion of Khum Jung, you’ll enjoy On My Way To You. Ron  Bagliere has delivered another story set in the same world as Khum Jung,  and explores the life of John Patterson, who appeared in that book.  John paid a heavy price doing the right thing in the events of that  book, and On My Way To You explores his life in the time following that,  and the events and family history that shaped his character before his  life in Nepal.

As in The Lion of Khum Jung, Bagliere skillfully  combines adventure and romance, and the settings and life history that  made John the complex and fully realized character he is. Bagliere does  what authors do, and provides John with new and unexpected challenges  which force him to examine who and what he thought he was, and what he  might yet be."  -
Paul Baxter

The Lion of Khum Jung



Sarah Madden lost her husband twenty-five years ago to Mt. Everest, and vowed she'd never speak its name again, let alone go there. The mountain that claimed her husband is now in her son's blood and it will not let go. This time, she will not remain at home while her son climbs the killer peak. If the mountain is going to claim him, it will have to do it staring her in the face.

Frank Kincaid's reputation as the finest Everest expedition guide for the last twenty years has been the means for supporting his treasured charity work in Khum Jung. Adhering to uncompromising methods, he has never lost a client on the mountain. But this group of expedition clients has a reminder of the past. Suddenly he is confronted with the memory of the disaster that took his friend, Sherpa Pasang when it claimed the life of Sarah's husband. As history threatens to repeat itself, Frank is put to the supreme test. Will he obey his cardinal rule of protecting his Sherpa guide at all costs even if it means sacrificing Sarah's son to the mountain, or will he trust his heart and roll the dice? Can Sarah accept the excruciating decision facing him? And what will it mean for the Sherpa and her son fighting for their lives on the mountain? Will the mountain demand Sarah's son, or will it forgive his mistakes?


"Most  of what I've read on Everest has been non-fiction, so it's refreshing  to read a novel set there, an ideal location for the type of human drama  depicted in The Lion of Khum Jung. The author does a good job of  showing the individuality of grief, how different people grieving the  same loss, or whose grief stems from the same event, handle it in vastly  different ways. The very real dangers of Mount Everest set the stage  for the final confrontations of the character's personal inner demons.
I  would have liked to have gotten more into Greg's head. His story is  told mainly through his interactions with his mother and Frank. But  then, the story revolves around Sarah and Frank, after all.
One thing  that impressed me was the reality of how long an ordeal it is just to  get to base camp. In a non-fiction account, this is sometimes relegated  to a couple of chapters. But in a novel such as this, it becomes a  valuable plot device to give the reader some backstory, allow us to get  to know the characters, and more importantly, allow them to get to know  one another, and for the otherwise unlikely relationship to develop.
The Lion of Khum Jung is not your all-out action thriller, but the adventure plays out on a much deeper, human level." - Amazon reader

"Gets the reader instantly immersed in the challenges and dangers of climbing Everest, and the risks Sherpas take on a daily basis in shepherding their clients to the summit. Bagliere's own love of adventure and mountaineering gives this story an authentic, you-are-there feeling, and I was swiftly hooked into the decades-old fascination with Everest once again. Bagliere's plot is engaging, and his mountaineering scenes awesome. THE LION OF KHUM JUNG is most highly recommended." - Reader's Favorite

"...a well researched and thoughtful story of adventure and love set in the venue of the Himalayas" - K. Barton

"This is a story that won’t disappoint." - J. Bourgo

"A must read that I found hard to put down." - M. Vallerino

"An adventure story, a romance - this book has it all." - D. St. Como

"The author writes with sensitive insight and gives the story a universal meaning for us all." - J. Stuelzle

"...a spellbinding read." - B. Bell

"I'm glad I read it, and it will be a book that I'll recommend to others." - M. Rossi

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Loving Neil



While back east attending her brother's wedding, freelance Photographer, Janet Montgomery finds herself once again fruitlessly vying for her father's love. After an awkward good-bye, she drives into the wintry night back to her hotel. But a tractor-trailer coming onto the highway is about to change all that.

Spotting her car in the snowy median is Architect, Neil Porter, a middle-aged widower. When Neil moves to Oregon to be near h is daughter, Megan, who works with Janet, a chain of events draw them together. Janet wonders if the twenty-three years between them is too much. Can she avoid making the same mistakes her parents made? But the one thing she never considers is the ravages of dementia or the decisions she will have to make.

Reviews for LOVING NEIL:

"A beautifully, poignant tale that makes this a must read" - J. Bourgo

"...a powerful story and one that is written with great tenderness and sensitivity" - B. Bell

"A winner of a debut that will tug at your heartstrings until the very last page." - Kari Lee Townsend, National Bestselling Author of The Fortune Teller Mysteries

"...prepare for an emotional ride through a deeply moving romance." - Danica St. Como, Author of The Men of Sanctuary series and Blade Dance

"If you're looking for a good dramatic read, I'd recommend this book." - Laurie B. (Amazon Verified Purchase)

"...a poignant and bittersweet story of a family's loss" - Angela Purcell-Bolha (Amazon Verified Purchase)

Download the first 2 chapters of "loving neil"

Beyond the Veil



Anthropologist, Claire El-Badawy has spent the last ten years of her life fruitlessly applying for grants for an expedition into the dark jungles of the Amazon. Her objective is to prove her theory of the Trans-Atlantic connection between Africa and South America that existed five thousand years ago. Then suddenly things change dramatically overnight with the discovery of a Lost Bushman found deep in the forest. Re-energized and armed with this startling find, she wins over the foundation's funding arm and the support of the university's department.

Owen Macleod's life has been one long trek after another guiding tourist and giving aid to the indigenous people of the forest against the mining companies since his son died needlessly of malaria ten years ago. With his wife having left him and parents deceased, his only family now is the vibrant people along the river along with his tramping partner, Manny. When Owen hears of an opportunity up north in America to break free of the tourist trade, he jumps at it.

In a chain of events, the headstrong anthropologist and the wanderlust tramping guide are thrown together in pursuit of their own dreams, but neither of them are quite prepared for what they will find hidden beyond the veiled depths of the forest or do they see the danger coming at them from a rampaging lieutenant of a ruthless cartel that is expanding its empire into the vibrant and awesome world of the Amazon.

Reviews for BEYOND THE VEIL:

"You must read it! Don't let this author get past you." - Reviewer for Beyond the Veil

"I  loved this book!  The characters just came to life  and the description  of the rain forest was so real you could smell the humid undergrowth  along with flowers and ferns.  There was much adventure and action with  subtle romance along the way." - Reviewer for Beyond the Veil

"I finished  reading this awesome tale by Ronald Bagliere. It was the first story I  have read by this author and I am looking forward to reading more of his  writing. I highly recommend this book of adventure in South America." - Tom Peden - Reviewer for Beyond the Veil

"The plot was excellent and the growth of each main character was well defined.  Realistic and astounding." - Reviewer for Beyond the Veil

Download the first 3 chapters of "beyond the veil"

Starting Over



Janet Porter's life in the wooded Heights within the Willamette Valley in Oregon has finally begun to settle down. She has made her peace with moving on without her beloved husband Neil, but everything is about to change. Her son Nate calls from Iraq with unsettling news. He doesn't say what happened, only that he's coming back on a medical discharge.

He arrives home with a battered leg, and is cast as a hero in a firefight from an enemy ambush. But he doesn't want the accolades or the Distinguished Service Medal he's being touted for. He wants to be left alone. As he becomes more and more distant from his mother and falling into risky behavior, she fears for his well-being. Desperate, she confides to a volunteers at the V.A. clinic.

But the Vietnam veteran has his own battles to overcome, namely a civil trial that threatens to wipe him out financially. Even so, he is drawn to Janet's son and he soon finds himself entangled in their lives. As his feelings for them deepen, he finds himself in an ethical dilemma. As he struggles to do the right thing while fighting for his financial survival, life intervenes and throws them all into a new world – a world of starting over.

Reviews for Starting Over:

The author  does a wonderful job of bringing us along with Janet as she finds her  way back to love after losing her husband.  And he captures the feeling  of the love a mother has for her son as Janet struggles to find a way to  get Nate to open up to her, so she can help him deal with his pain.  As  Andy helps Nate cope with what happened in Iraq, he feels conflicted  between his desire to help Nate, and how it will be interpreted as he  becomes closer to Janet.  Nate's inner struggle ends up bringing them  together as they deal with the effects of his actions.  I have enjoyed  each of his books. - Debbie Panebianco

I found  the characters to be very relatable.  I felt empathy for them as they  struggled with issues that many of us face over the course of our lives.  I also like that not every issue was perfectly resolved. There is a  good balance between realism and optimism. - Karen Chilson 

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